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Friday, January 14, 2011

Is home schooling for your child?

Is Home Schooling for Your Child?
by Dr Robert E McGinnis in Education, January 14, 2011

Each family has to decide how they want their child to be educated and what kind of material they want brought into the lives of the little ones they love.

The director of the Kumon Learning Center.

In order to have a successful home school experience, all members of the program must be on board and willing to take a part in the program. I think it appropriate to suggest that home school is not for everyone and that includes the student, parent and overseer. I will explain my own situation and conditions which might serve to enlighten anyone heading in the home school direction.

First, I must admit I am a teaching professional who has retired, but I began my home school program for a bright young lady at age two when it was apparent that she was ready to learn to read. (And read she did) My wife and I read to her, allowed her access to educational program on the computer and instructed her that all toys which could be deemed educational would be purchased without question, if reasonably priced and worthy. During her K through high school-home school program she must have purchased over $5,000 worth of computer programs alone. I can remember one very well, which was, The Oregon Trail and was one of her favorites. The reason it is difficult to remember, she is now 24 years old, married and a college graduate, with a perfect GPA.

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Our reading room. The wall to the left is ceiling to floor and wall to wall with books.

My interest in writing and her desire to read went hand in hand. She is now the editor of all my books and I tell you that at the outset to let you know that I am getting a return from my investment.

How did we do it? Every state has a separate system and a different way of treating the home school situation. To home school is a right which should never be denied without good reason and those should be few. The first thing a person must do is check with the local board of education and follow the guidelines established for that county either by the state or local school board whichever is responsible in your area. The student or students must be registered with the school board as being home schooled and that board will provide the home schooling parent with the guidelines and requirements.

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Reading while breastfeeding.

I wrote a post today for mom's who breastfeed an infant and my conclusion was that reading to a child at a very, very early age will stimulate interest in that area. You can't begin reading to your child or children too soon. They have to see you read, follow you when you read and then read with you. Most people want their offspring to develop the skills necessary to succeed in life. It is up to the parent to get that interest developed.

Dr Robert E McGinnis
author of many good books

Monday, July 19, 2010

Books have a way to making change come about. Reading is essential to the growth of our youngsters and we must continue to assist them along the road to better reading.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Reading is not just for pasttime activities.

Yes, it is fun to read an adventure story and that is one way to get our children interested in reading, but during our lifetime our skill in reading can often mean the difference between life and death. Ever see the warning labels on a medicine bottle. a speed limit sign or an application for employment? Wow, reading is important to everything we do, better read that prenuptial agreement over again. Give your kids a boost, help them read better, encourage them to read more often and hone up those skills.

Dr Robert E McGinnis

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The importance of reading early in life.

It is so important for a child to begin reading when he or she wants to and has an interest. It is very important to have reading material available and for parents, siblings, and other relatives to read to a child whenever possible. Reading is the key to many of the challenges of life and making a living is one of those challenges.
Dr Robert E McGinnis
author of many books for young people